Cryptid- Animated T-shirts

                                               Powered by Aurasma
The Cryptid App is now available for android devices.
Click the icon to get it...

For iOS (Apple) devices an app is coming soon. In the meantime you can download the Aurasma App (DOWNLOAD HERE). Once you have downloaded the App do a search for the word cryptid and follow the channel.

Once you are following the Cryptid Channel take your device and point the camera at the artwork on your Cryptid T-shirt or on the images below. Move the viewer around the image until you see a "loading" image appear. Once the Auras is downloaded to your device custom video and animation will appear over your image (called an Aura). You will need connectivity (either wifi or 3G) to initially download the Auras onto your device. But after this initial download the Auras are cached into your device and you do not need connectivity to see them again (until the content changes that is).

                     Screenprinted shirts and prints available on Etsy....Click Here.

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