Monday, September 18, 2006

Web Cam Wars!!!

Web-cam Wars chronicles the exploits of 3 internet fanboys, and their information war fought over the internet. Through web-cams these nuckleheads battle over the most sacred of subjects in cyber space, movies,comicbooks, and animation. Knight, the self proclaimed master of all that is fair and right spreads his gospel with his sidekick Noob. Noob doesn't care much of his friends opinions but really likes the chaos
that insues when confronted by the evil genius of, Knights arch nemisis, Nerf. The Nerf see's Knight as a tyrant that flies the false flags of peace and wisdom to bend the internet to his will, but mostly he just like pissing off Knight. Their lively debates are moderated by an internet ghost, The Jewels.

Can The Jewels that can keep these two from open warfare which
threatens to rip apart the very fabric of cyberspace?
Or maybe sometimes, there is light in the darkness?

Now some test pictures:

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